What do I make with ... Kohlrabi?

I confess, the first time I pulled this beautiful purple vegetable out of our CSA box, I had to sit an think for a moment about what it could be. My kids guessed it instantly: a mandrake!

In fact, kohlrabi is a member of the cabbage family, although it has many similarities to turnips. While popular in many German and South Asian dishes, it is often overlooked in North America, which is a shame because its beautiful color and mild flavor gives it many uses—raw or cooked. There are so many delicious meals to make with kohlrabi, it has become my new favorite vegetable.

Here are my top seven ways to enjoy kohlrabi:

1) Shredded or grated and added to a salad or coleslaw.

2) Sliced and served in a raw veggie and dip platter (I like it with hummus).

3) Sliced and steamed with butter, cream, and a dash of salt.

4) Added to a stir fry—you can stir fry the greens, too!

5) And served just about anyway you would a turnip: in turnovers and fritters, in a vegetable soup, or mashed and smashed like potatoes.

6) Sliced and baked into chips.

7) Roasted with all of your other root vegetables.

For a quick tutorial and other great ideas for preparing kohlrabi, visit this primer at The Kitchn

And before you start cooking, check out their helpful how-to for cutting up your kohlrabi.

What are your favorite ways for eating kohlrabi?