What's in the box? November 24, 2015

What a cornucopia in our share this Thanksgiving week! Unfortunately, we are headed out of town for the holidays and can't take that fresh produce with us. It happens. So here's how I manage our share when we can't start eating it down right away.

I gave that gorgeous parsley to our neighbors, who are having 30 to dinner tomorrow. I left the spinach in its own bag and tucked it the crisper. I trimmed the carrots and put them in a Ziplock bag in the crisper. (The chickens got the carrot tops, and they were very thankful!) The fennel, turnips, broccoli, and watermelon radishes I stored loose in the crisper. And I wrapped the Savoy cabbage in an old plastic shopping bag and stored it in the crisper. I had intended on packing some kale chips in the car for our road trip this afternoon, but they disappeared within minutes of coming out of the oven.

If I stored it properly, it will all keep until I get home and start tackling it on Saturday night. Until then, I'll be planning out the soups, slaws, wilted salads, and, hopefully, kimchi that is in our future. What will you make with yours?

What's in the box?

  • fennel, 1 bulb
  • Savoy cabbage, 1 large head
  • Purple top turnip
  • Watermelon radishes, 3
  • broccoli, 2 bunches
  • spinach
  • flat leaf Italian parsley
  • Dinosaur kale
  • carrots