What's in the box? April 28, 2015

What a colorful week! When I went to pick up our CSA share at the Oxford City Market yesterday, I was thrilled to see that in addition to our favorite Easter Egg Radishes and two (two!) pints of strawberries, Rainbow Swiss Chard made also it into our box this week.

Rainbow Swiss Chard is one of my all-time favorite vegetables, not only for its beautiful color, but also because it is nutrient-rich and packed full of antioxidants. I have tried growing it twice this past year in my own garden, but both times the birds got to it before it reached two inches tall. I guess they, too, are fans of this great vegetable.

But I was surprised to hear from Will that chard is not as popular with some members as it is with the birds and me. So this week I've included a simple method for sautéing chard that is sure to please the palate as well as the eyes.

Here's what all was in our box this week:

Rainbow Swiss Chard
Easter Egg Radishes
Bok Choy
Lettuce, 2 heads
Strawberries, 2 pints
Grits, freshly ground by The Original GritGirl

And here's what I plan on doing with it all, but I want to hear from you. What are you making with your box this week?

Share your meal plans, recipes, and links to other great food ideas on the web in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Our email us your original recipe and a photo and we will publish it here, just like we did with Lauren's recipe for spicy leek soup, which is on my menu for Wednesday night.

Simple Sautéed Swiss Chard with Salmon and Rice

Lauren's Lovely Leek Soup

Turnip Turnovers with Simple Salad

Radish Top Pasta with Salad

Bok Choy with Chili Garlic and Ginger

Shrimp 'n' Grits