What's in the box? June 9, 2015


Fresh,organic and beautiful vegetables! 


Here's what we've got in the box this week:













      Alright let's get down to business with some recipe ideas:


Squash AND Zucchini are interchangable so have fun getting creative in these recipes!

Squash Casserole - this is a classic version from a classic local cookbook from long ago.

Yellow Squash Fritters - these look like delicious side item at cookout

Easy Cheesy Zucchini Bake - oh gosh you had me at melted cheese.


*** Here's a link to help you freeze the fresh squash or zucchini if you have too. 



Thai Shrimp and Cucumber Salad - every single bite of this salad looks delicious. It'd be a great summer picnic salad.

Tomato Cucumber Salad with Olives and Feta - this would be a great variation on the traditional tomato and cucumber salad.

3 Easy Cucumber Salad Recipes - who are we kidding,it's summertime in Mississippi and a cool cucumber salad is just perfect most days!



Kohlrabi Fritters - a creamy dill sauce on the side,wonderful!

Kohlrabi is Weird! (just read it) -the fine folks over at thekitchn.com never fail me,helpful and classy!

Vegetarian Kohlrabi Stew with Cheese - this is a German dish that would be tasty served with a simple green salad and crusty buttery bread.


Onions and Garlic- I always have onions and garlic in my pantry. They are are a must in most recipes. You can add them to quite a few of these recipes and enjoy every bite.



Fresh Green Beans,One Way - Ree Drummond and all her fine,fine,fine recipes are always tasty.

Green Bean Crisps oh my stars these look so good and a side of this comeback sauce . 



Before we go any farther I must say something,DERN THAT IS SOME BEAUTIFUL CELERY! 

   I had to get that out. 

  The celery was just beautiful aaaannnd because the leaves were so plentiful we are gonna start with another pesto recipe. I know hold onto your seats!

Celery Almond Pesto -  I look for leaves on my celery when I buy it in the grocery store. Celery leaves have a light,crispy almost sweetness to them that can't be beat. They are a perfect substitution for parsley in a salad or soup. 

Creamy Buffalo Blue Cheese Stuffed Celery - a healthy-ER take on buffalo sauce and blue cheese. I'm not a buffalo wing fan,but I love the combo of blue cheese and buffalo sauce. Ta-da put it in celery and I'm there.

Blue Cheese and Pecan Stuffed Celery - bold flavors of cranberries and blue cheese + nuttiness or pecans+ light,easy going flavors in fresh celery = one FANTASTIC appetizer for any get-together!\



Basil,Chive,Cucumber and Corn Salad - gosh this is a pretty salad and I'm sure super tasty.

Basil-Feta Sauce Chicken - basil and feta,swoon.

Tomato Basil Pizza -If you don't know David Lebowitz you should or at least his recipes and cookbooks. They are beautiful.



Swiss Chard Gratin - according to Google,the definition of the word gratin is 

  1. a dish with a light browned crust of breadcrumbs or melted cheese.  Enough said.


Swiss Chard Tacos - I think these would make a great lunch entree' for a small group of friends and the leaves from this week's chard would work really well too.


     I hope you enjoy this week's offerings and try some recipes featured here. Have a great week!