What's in the box? May 26, 2015

 So when I was a kid on the first day of school I was super excited and nervous to begin a new year with old friends and new friends alike. I could always count on one thing that would welcome me into the classroom with so much possibility: the blackboard!
       On that note let me introduce myself,my name is Meredith Harris . I will be a contributor here on the Native Son Farm blog for a few weeks. I am a sucker for fresh produce,really there's nothing better. I also love to tell good people about good food! So with that let's talk about this week's CSA share box ingredients!


Week 6 CSA share box ingredients:
-Bok Choy
-Red Leaf Lettuce
-Butter Lettuce

Here are a few storage tips to keep that beautiful produce fresh:
1.Beet greens are best used fresh and stored in a damp cloth or in a plastic bag in your refrigerator's crisper drawer. To maintain firmness of the beet roots,cut off the leaves and stems 1 inch above the crown.
2.Kohlrabi globes and it's leaves need to be stored separately. The globe will last for about 1 month in the fridge. Use the greens as soon as possible.
3. Squash likes that comfort of a plastic bag in the crisper drawer. Plastic bags help retain the internal moisture of the squash.
4. Bok Choy wrapped up in a damp cloth or paper towel will store nicely for up to a week in the fridge.The leaves will lose their integrity and wilt as they dry out.
5. Red leaf lettuce and Butter lettuce both need to be dry before storage in the crisper drawer. Any excessive moisture will only help the leaves to wilt quicker.
6. Chard is best used fresh but will keep for up to 4 days if kept moist and refrigerated.
7. Basil can be wrapped in a lightly damp paper towel and refrigerated. You may also freeze fresh leaves in a ziploc bag. Squeeze the air out,seal and freeze. Do NOT thaw before use.