Delicious (No Really!) Compost Pile Soup

CSA member Lauren Klimetz sent in her recipe a delicious soup that uses up the “leftover bits” from your weekly share. Writes Lauren: “At the end of the week you probably have lots of celery centers, leek greens, and broccoli stems (the best part of the broccoli in my opinion)—all the bits of vegetables that people usually throw out. But stop! Use them to make this great soup instead!”

If you have a recipe you’d like to share with your fellow CSA members email me, Sarah Ligon, at nativesonproduce [at] gmail [dot] com.

Delicious (No Really!) “Compost Pile Soup”

Coarsely chop greens from two large leeks.  Sweat the leeks over medium heat in 1/2 cup butter in a large soup pot.  Keep an eye on the butter and add more as needed to ensure the leeks don’t stick to the pan.  

Add in chopped celery. I like to save up the centers of my celery hearts to have some leaves in there but a whole celery heart works well also.  If broccoli stems are woody then peel them, then coarsely chop and add them to the pot. I eat lots of broccoli so I usually use approximately 6 stems. 

Chop two medium sweet potatoes, unpeeled. Coarsely chop between one-half or a whole cabbage.  

Add in some left over root vegetables such as radishes or turnips—anything you need to use up.  Kale works well, or any root vegetable leaves, the stems from the bok choy… you get the picture.This will be a huge pot of green stuff. 

Add in broth until the liquid rising just beneath the level of the wilted greens.  This is where the crawfish stock is stellar, if you have it, but any vegetable or poultry broth works just fine. Simmer until everything is soft.  

Add in a bunch of chopped parsley, a can ofcoconut milk, and blend until smooth and silky. Season with coconut aminos, salt and pepper. It truly is heavenly!