Meet a Member: Lauren Klimetz

CSA member Lauren Klimetz is one of my favorite members to feature on the blog I might have profiled her once or twice already. That’s because not only is she constantly inventing incredible recipes in her Oxford kitchen, she and her family also grow more vegetables—and eat more vegetables—than anyone I know. If you pick up your share at the Oxford Community Market, you have probably met Lauren and her kids Rosie and Henry. They sell Lauren’s homemade popsicles and jars of pickled and fermented veggies. Those Klimetzes are foodies, even the little ones.

Since I am always asking Lauren for her tips on extending the life of my produce, as well as how I can eat it all up more quickly, I thought I ought to share her wisdom with the rest of the community. In my mind, that is part of what community supported agriculture is all about. If you would like to share your own recipes and menu ideas with your fellow members, please let me know. Just email me, Sarah Ligon: nativesonproduce [at] gmail [dot] com.

Meet the Klimetzes

We are a family of four in Oxford, we eat a lot of food!  I keep a predominantly Paleo diet and try to keep the kids to it a little.  I do not follow recipes well, as I always feel I can "improve" them! However, I do like to turn to cookbooks or Yummly for suggestions.  

I signed up for the Native Son Farm CSA because they are great people, growing great food. Also, did I mention I eat a lot of food! I cannot say what my favorite thing so far from the Fall share has been because I love it all—except collards. I cannot get excited about collards and would be happy to never eat them again. Sorry, Will!

With our share this week, we will use our lettuce for a salad, probably with chicken, roasted butternut squash, dried cranberries and roasted almonds. We still have a small amount of produce from our own garden, so we will probable using our tomatoes and bell peppers, along with the CSA lettuce, for tacos one night. I’m also planning to make a breakfast with the CSA sweet potatoes and kale by first sautéing chopped sausages, bell peppers and the sweet potatoes in a slightly spicy seasoning, and then tossing in some kale until it wilts.

Storage Solutions

The night I pick up my share I place all lettuces, arugula and parsley in ziplocks.  I de-stem the curly kale (by running my hands down the stem), placing the leaves in a ziplock and putting the stems to one side.  I remove the leaves from the root vegetables and separate the stems. Roots go in a ziplock, leaves in another, stems set aside.  I cut the broccoli into florets and store in a ziplock, stems in a separate bag. I cut the bok choy at the base and place it in a ziplock.  It’s rare that I discard anything. I did have to come to terms with discarding carrots tops in the spring.  My husband said it was "ok" to feed the chickens and the compost!

What’s Cooking?

Here is a selection of Lauren's recipes that she'll be using with her CSA share this week:

Brilliant Bone Broth

A Simple Savory Breakfast

Breakfast Ice Cream and Liquid Salad

The Mysterious “White Dip”

Sweet Roasted Broccoli and Sweet-Sweet Potatoes

Paleo-Pizza with Arugula

Delicious (No Really!) “Compost Pile Soup”