What's My Share? Fall CSA 2016 Week 12

You Week 12 Share: Watermelon radishes, carrots, dinosaur kale, spinach, green cabbage, celery, turnips, sweet potatoes.

You Week 12 Share: Watermelon radishes, carrots, dinosaur kale, spinach, green cabbage, celery, turnips, sweet potatoes.

Dear CSA members and farm friends,

Welcome to the last week of our fall and winter CSA season. It is cold out there this morning! This will be the 32nd week of CSA distribution for the year. By the end of the week we will have distributed over 7,000 shares in 2016. Assuming that a share provides for a family of four, our little urban farm will have served well over 28,000 plates this year—all without synthetic chemicals, GMOs, or cross-country travel. While we have certainly had our challenges, overall I am very proud of the work that we have done this year. We hope that you have enjoyed the fruits of our labor. 

Our harvest will be a little challenging this week, as the veggies in the field have to thaw before they can be picked, my best guess is that this week's share will include:

  • winter storage cabbage- These beauties are firm and will store for months in your fridge if you have been feeling overwhelmed by cabbage
  • carrots- We will start digging when the ground thaws this afternoon, they should be the sweetest yet
  • watermelon radishes- These versatile roots will store for months in the fridge
  • lots of #2 sweet potatoes- These taste great but they are small or cosmetically damaged. The drought this summer led to some small sweet potatoes and our low tech digging method causes some roots to get broken or cut. 
  • celery- Hopefully our frost blankets protected it from last nights cold
  • dinosaur kale
  • spinach- Should be very sweet from these cold nights
  • possibly beets or collards or turnips or parsley

Thanks to everyone that has supported our farm and mission this year. We hope that our farm and produce have been a positive force in the community, and, while we have much to celebrate, there is always more work to be done, and I like looking forward anyway. 

On the horizon:

As most of our farmstand regulars know, Amanda is pregnant, and we are expecting our third daughter to come into the world any day now. Coincidentally, her due date and the fall CSA are on the same schedule. Maybe she will choose to be born Thursday night at 6 o'clock? 

We are erecting another 9,000 square feet of passive solar greenhouses. We took the greenhouses down from a defunct nursery outside of Batesville this summer and started putting them up on the farm last Thursday. Check out our progress over the winter as you drive down West Barnes Crossing Road. These greenhouses will be used for tomatoes in 2017. Look forward to lots of Sungolds in next year’s shares! 

We are working on getting some new pieces of small-scale equipment to help us grow even better veggies. As I have written before, one of the reasons our quality improves each year is because we reinvest our profits back into the farm. Look forward to more baby salad greens in 2017. 

We are working on getting our seed, soil, fertility and supply orders together for 2017. As y’all know the CSA is the backbone of our farm, and we rely on early CSA payments to fund the start of the growing season each year. Do you want a local, organic farm to exist to serve you? Make plans to join the CSA in 2017, and we will grow you lots of wonderful veggies! 

Thanks for listening. We hope that y’all have enjoyed our veggies as much as we have enjoyed growing them for you.

Will and the farm crew

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