Creamy Carrot and Leek Soup

Oxford CSA member Lauren Klimetz contributed this recipe for a rich, creamy soup “packed with veggies and lots of flavor” that she made with the leeks and carrots in this week’s share.


  • leeks
  • carrots
  • sweet potato
  • cauliflower
  • cashews
  • coconut oil
  • stock
  • raisins
  • ginger
  • spices (curry powder, turmeric, black pepper)


Soak three large handfuls cashews in 1-2 cups water.

Roughly chop leeks while melting a good amount of coconut oil (or oil of choice - about 2+ tbs) medium heat.  Sauté/sweat leeks.

Peel and roughly chop 8-10 large carrots. Sauté with leeks.

Peel and chop one medium to large sweet potato. Stir into leeks and carrots.

Sprinkle in black pepper, curry powder and turmeric to liking. I used about a tablespoon of curry powder and a few shakes of turmeric. Stir in the veggie mix (this is why you wanted so much oil in the beginning). It's OK if veggies burn a little, if it's burning a lot add some water.

Cut florets from half a head of cauliflower and add to veggies in pan. Sauté it all a few more minutes to coat cauliflower in spices.

Add in stock of your choice (I used homemade crawfish-beef stock) to cover veggies. Add in a handful of raisins or two.

Simmer until veggies are tender.

Peel and slice about two inches of ginger and add to soaking cashews then blend (I used a Nutribullet). Add to soup and stir in.

Let cool and blend.