What's My Share? May 31, 2016

Spring/summer CSA, Week 7: carrots, cucumbers, beets, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, celery, basil, Buttercrunch lettuce, broccoli (not pictured)   

Spring/summer CSA, Week 7: carrots, cucumbers, beets, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, celery, basil, Buttercrunch lettuce, broccoli (not pictured)


What’s My Share?

  • cherry tomatoes
  • carrots
  • beets
  • celery
  • cucumbers
  • zucchini
  • summer squash
  • onions
  • basil
  • Buttercrunch lettuce
  • broccoli (not pictured)

Meet a Member

I have featured member Lauren Klimtez on the blog before, and I thought it was time to do so again, since she’s been sharing with me so many wonderful new recipes from the spring/summer CSA. To be honest, Lauren is so inventive in the kitchen, I don’t think she has ever cooked the dish twice!

Lauren lives in Oxford, with her husband Danny, and their kids Henry and Rosie, and they eat a mostly Paleo diet . If you pick up your share at the Oxford City Market, you may have seen Lauren selling her delicious (and very healthy!) homemade popsicles and jars of pickled and fermented veggies right next to the Native Son Farm stand. 

In addition to a CSA share, Lauren has a large home vegetable garden, a small flock of laying hens, and a pantry full of canned, preserved, and fermented veggies that is the envy of everyone who knows her. And did I mention she sells her own homemade yogurt and fermented jun? She is a wonder! 

Here are a few of the ways she put her share—and her own garden and packed pantry—to use at home last week. Thanks, Lauren!

Time Saving Tip

“I either immediately oven dry and blend herbs for storage (dill particularly), or blend with lemon juice and freeze in ice cube trays (basil, parsley),” says Lauren. “I have also been blending all kale with pineapple and lemon juice and freezing in ice cube trays to add to smoothies at a later date. Last week’s fennel is still in a ziplock—bulb and leaves separated—purpose to be determined!”

Lauren’s Secret

Rather than eat up all of her share every week, Lauren uses a lot of the vegetables for pickling and fermenting so she can enjoy them later. She’s got a large home vegetable garden in full production right now as well. Check out just a few of the things bubbling in Lauren’s kitchen right now.

What’s Cooking?

Tuesday dinner

“This week we ate salad Tuesday night, as we get in late from the Oxford City Market and it’s easy to throw together. Also, that way I don’t have to find room in the fridge for all that lettuce!”

Wednesday dinner

“Spaghetti meat sauce from the freezer over roasted broccoli and spiralized zucchini and squash. Work night dinner made easy! Melt bacon fat onto your baking tray, toss broccoli florets around, and bake at 400-degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes; toss in some salt.  Spiralize zucchini and yellow squash, then sauté briefly in coconut oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.”

Thursday dinner

“Shepherd’s pie: a low-effort, homemade freezer meal, as I’ve been laid up with a sinus infection.”

Friday dinner

“We had friends over and I made an Asian-style Coleslaw from last week’s Savoy cabbage, yellow squash, green onions, carrots, and purple cabbage from our garden. I also made Thai Cucumber Salad with Cashews, adapted from Worthy Pause. I served this with shredded beef and a number of other potluck items, and I’ve mostly been eating them over salad the rest of the week.”

Saturday lunch

“I ate the celery, raw, with homemade deer pâté and a savory yogurt dip. To make the yogurt dip, take a few tablespoons of strained yogurt, chopped dill and parsley, garlic powder, salt, pepper, lemon zest and the juice of half a lemon. Blend.”

Sunday dinner

“I chopped up a bunch of bacon and fried it. Then made zucchini and yellow squash noodles sautéed in garlic and the rendered bacon fat. I tossed this together with roasted tomatoes, goat cheese, and some balsamic. It was amazing!”

Lunches all week

“I made a soup with everything green you could ever imagine, and probably a few more green’s I can’t remember. I’m trying to clear out pantry before canning season starts up again. Sauté the following green things until wilted: onion tops, leek tops, carrot tops, celery tops, broccoli leaves, kale, cabbage. Add in beef bone broth, lemon juice, nutritional yeast and a few jars of salsa. Blend. A delicious twist on a green soup, which, let’s face it, gets incredibly tiresome!”