The Building Blocks of Bounty

2018 January 22 rectangle.jpg

After some wonderful family time off the farm and an inspiring visit to the Southern Sustainable Ag Conference with our farm crew, we are putting the finishing touches on our crop plans and are gearing up to start the first seeds of the 2018 growing season. 

There are so many moving pieces to our diversified farm that the prospect of setting them all into motion and making sure they stay managed can be a daunting proposition. Fortunately we have assembled a great crew for this season, and I feel confident that we are going to have our best year yet! 

As I have mentioned in past emails, we have been working on adding some new features to the farm and CSA program to offer you an even better value and some added convenience. We will be sharing more of this in the coming weeks. For now, I would like to highlight three of my favorite Spring CSA vegetable crops and the plans we have for growing them this year:


We planted 15,000 strawberry plants for the 2018 season—a full 50% more than last season—and they have already been put to the test with the single digit temperatures we have been experiencing. I am happy to report that our frost blankets have carried the plants through the cold nights, and they are looking wonderful!


I love to eat potatoes but this staple crop has been a challenge for me to grow. We developed a new production method in 2017 and are going all in on potatoes this year. We are planting over 2,000 pounds of seed potatoes in all colors, shapes and sizes, and we hope to have delicious potatoes for y’all from mid-May until the end of the season.

Baby Lettuce Salad Mixes

We hit our stride growing these last fall, and I can’t wait to increase our production for the 2018 Spring shares. While the salad mixes entail a lot of harvest and post harvest work on our end (think cutting, washing, weighing, bagging) the flavor, texture and convenience of these mixes cannot be beat.

While the mid April start of our strawberry and CSA season may seem far away, the reality is we have been working to set the stage for it since last October. As we move from planning to planting we need your CSA commitment to help ensure abundance in the 2018 season. Your CSA commitment helps us tremendously in two ways:

  1. We know that you value our work and that our vegetables and services enhance your life. We know that there is a market for what we are producing and that we can spend the right amount of time growing the highest quality food without cutting corners. We know that we will be able to commit to pay the employees we hire.
  2. Your early season payment helps us to afford the expenses necessary to growing your delicious vegetables. These expenses include: seed, frost blankets, potting soil, greenhouse propane, irrigation lines and supplies, organic fertilizer, employee labor, fuel, etc…

To get signed up and secure your space, visit our website and click on Spring/Summer CSA.

I look forward to being your farmer in 2018!