Our Vision

Mississippi is a place abundant in the natural resources necessary to grow good food with fertile land, ample sunshine and plenty of water, but paradoxically we are dying from a lack of quality nutrition. As a firm believer in grassroots change, I feel that the answer to the health crisis that we are facing is to be found in the creation and proliferation of profitable, local, organic vegetable farms. My long term goal is to provide 1% of Tupelo's population with local, certified naturally grown vegetables 32 weeks out of the year, year after year, through a 400 member Community Supported Agriculture program. Please know that when you shop with Native Son Farm, your food dollars are going to support:

-A replicable model of sustainable vegetable production for other Mississippians to follow.

-Stewardship of our soil, water and local environment. 

-A living wage for our local farm crew.

-The freshest, most delicious and nutrient dense food that you can put on your dinner table.

-The betterment of our farm and vegetable production practices.

-The ability of a local, family, non-toxic vegetable farm to exist in your community. 

-A place where you and your children can learn about local food and seasonal eating.

-The money that you are spending re-circulating in our community. 

-Your health and quality of life!